Team Managers are an important piece of the team dynamic. They are highly organized, financially responsible, great with communication and can delegate team needs like fund raising and social media blasts to help keep other parents in-the-know or simply just to promote the club and team in a positive manner.

Team Managers are required to handle all team finances from collection of league fees, paying trainers, managing receipts and data entry. Due to conflicts of interest and integrity purposes the individual handling the finances and Head Coach cannot live in the same household. 

Team Manager duties are not the responsibilities of the Head Coach. The Head Coach positions’ sole responsibility is player development and player retention. Further defined as “Player development refers to the processes through which players improve their abilities over the course of their careers (not including fluctuating aspects of player ability such as player fitness and morale).

Coaches are responsible for planning, organizing and delivering an appropriate range of sports activities and programs for individuals and teams. Typical responsibilities include: teaching relevant skills, tactics and techniques. monitoring and enhancing performance by providing instruction, encouragement and constructive feedback. 

In short, our coaches have many other responsibilities and we are focused on taking the burden of having to do everything off of their shoulders so they can focus on developing great soccer players! We are focused on building a great TEAM via the parents involvement. It takes a village and there is no denying that!

The Team Manager position is completely volunteer and carries the responsibilities as listed below:


  • Collecting Yearly & Season Fees
  • Paying Yearly & Season Fees (on time)
  • Finance data entry & Reporting (Google Doc)
  • Ledger submission to BSC monthly

Social Media

  • Team Facebook & BSC Facebook support

Fund Raising

  • Planning & Execution
  • Team Building event coordination (outside BSC & non-soccer related)


  • NCSA/EDP/MNJYSA Game scheduling
  • Field requests for practices (if necessary)
  • Open lines of communication with other teams & your team parents

All Team Managers currently use TeamSnap (iPhone & Android app available) to communicate directly with the other team parents. There are monthly TM meetings and gatherings for the volunteer staff to help share information and build the TM dynamic.

Team Managers are an extremely respected role within the club and we cannot maintain our high level of integrity without you! If you wish to be a volunteer Team Manager please click the SUPPORT link above and we will get back to you with more detailed information as soon as possible.

Thank you for being a part of the BSC family!