About the Bloomfield Selects – NAtionals Team Program

Our BSC Selects program was created to offer exceptional and committed players an opportunity to compete at the highest levels of New Jersey, EDP and Tournament soccer. Teams are assembled and maintained by BSC under the direction and advisement of the Head Coach and associated staff. We are opening new doors every year for players who strive for more intense training, game day preparation and offseason fitness. You do not need to live in Bloomfield or be a Bloomfield resident to participate in any BSC program. We welcome players from all towns, cities and municipalities to join us.

Tournaments may include but are not limited to Summer Selects, Summer Sizzler, Central Jersey Invitational, NJ US State Cup and more. Advancing in some tournaments could require flight and hotel accommodations for you and your child. There is no estimate at this time however feel free to research flights to Colorado, Indianapolis and Virginia to get an idea of what additional costs the team could incur as a result of advancing. Actively fund raising or finding sponsors can help or even cover all team expenses.

Where to Start?

Our registration form is a quick and easy way to let us know you are interested in our Selects program. All interested parties should contact us via our SUPPORT DESK and we will send you the appropriate form for your age group. For your convenience, these forms will be available online in the coming months.

Selection Process

Tryouts are held twice yearly in an effort to build our player pool and determine which children have the skill and commitment to get the most out of this program.

Tryouts include but are not limited to light warm-ups, skill breakout groups and scrimmage.

The coaching staff will observe all behaviors and skills during the tryouts to determine the best options for the roster they are currently building. Not all teams are new and not all teams have multiple roster spots available. Each team has its own opportunities that are addressed by holding a tryout.

The Call Back

Within 48 hours of the tryout players and parents will receive a call back if the coaching staff has decided to offer you a roster spot. At that time you can discuss schedules, other commitments and other team specific requirements for participating.

financial commitments

One of our beliefs is that great soccer does not have to come at a great cost. New Jersey area soccer has one of the best player pools in the country and we strive to remain below industry standards when it comes to financing our top tier squads. Financial commitments can vary by team due to carding, various tournaments, multiple trainers/staff and the potential of travel expenses that can only be determined as events are booked. It is with this reason that we do not share any specific financial information with parents until they have filled out our registration form and their child attend a tryout. For your interest, we have administrators on site to discuss pricing and estimated costs during tryouts.


If you want to attain rare goals you need to have a rare mindset and preparation. Parents can expect coaches to plan workouts that includes up to 4 training sessions and a minimum of one game day most weeks. BSC Selects have designated soccer their primary sport for the fall season and BSC their primary club for the year. Spring primary sport guidelines are maintained by the coaching staff for each team. This will be provided to you prior to your acceptance into the program.

If you are currently enrolled in the BSC travel program and wish to be considered for Selects you may continue to participate with your current travel team. Selects games will always take precedent and practices will be scheduled so that the team benefits first. Secondary team practices are understood to be part of the players schedule and will be communicated in advance so all parties are respectfully notified.

Teams will be afforded every opportunity to continue year after year. Our parents play a huge role in the decision process and it’s the love of the game, passion and commitment of the players that keep them together. We always hate to say goodbye but eventually High School or sometimes the allure of “greener pastures” becomes a real option. Either way, we give 110% to our parents, families and players that want to continue with the program at all levels from Little Cleats to Selects.

Still need more information?

Please feel free to use our SUPPORT DESK feature or refer back to this page for updates regularly. We can be reached by phone between 9am and 7pm at 551-444-2487


Current Openings


Currently the program is hosting tryouts for a 2009 Girls team. Strong 2010s will be considered.  There will be a 2010 Girls team meeting in the near future which will include 2010s and any strong 2011s that wish to participate.

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