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NCSA was formed in 1973, with the purpose of providing a forum for quality youth soccer. What began with several clubs from various cities around Northern New Jersey has expanded to about 80 clubs stretching from the Hudson River to Sussex County and from Orange County NY to Union County NJ.

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news & info

7/19 – 2013 Boys Bandits to sign their BSC contracts today!

consideration & registration

Bloomfield Soccer Club will be hosting travel (NCSA, MNJYSA & EDP) tryouts for all BOYS born in 2012-2014. To participate in this tryout please send an email to OR visit

tryout & Selection process

Club tryouts are held annually and are open to all players who meet the pertinent
age requirements. Each prospective Club team player will be given a fair opportunity to
make the team he or she tries out for. The Club will announce the open tryouts to inform
the public of the specific tryout dates and times.

Current Club team players are evaluated throughout the season during practices,
scrimmages, and games, as well as during annual tryouts. Prospective Club team players
are evaluated during annual tryouts, special clinics, scrimmages and under game
situations when possible. Current and prospective Club team players will be evaluated, by
independent trainers, in four areas:
1. Mental dimensions (character, discipline, and leadership);
2. Physical dimensions (endurance, strength, and speed);
3. Technical competence (skill level); and
4. Tactical awareness (understanding/reading game situations).
Trainers will base their decisions and selections solely on the four areas of

ncsa portfolio

Bloomfield Soccer Club teams within NCSA, MNJYSA and EDP operate on an tiered level of performance. Players will be evaluated and placed in the age and performance appropriate tier that will benefit their current ability and future development as a BSC player. The following is the seven layered growth and development tier for all new players beginning in 2022:

Beginner 1 [Development] – Players who can be taught and perform basic soccer skills with some repetition.
Beginner 2 – Players who have learned basic soccer skills and can display an elevated ability of gameplay.
Intermediate 1 [Development] – Players who can display solid footwork, passing and shooting skills
Intermediate 2 – Players who elevate their team by creating opportunities during gameplay, shooting and passing with accuracy and good overall sportsmanship.
Challenger – Players who can display strong passing and shooting skills, positional awareness and the overall ability to challenge opponents on both sides of the ball.
Advanced – Players who have achieved all tiers and selected to play on one of our top tier squads. Continued learning and development within the finer points of the game and the ability to teach younger players effectively. 
Premier – The absolute best players BSC has to offer. Challenging every level of opponent.